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Proficiency in the English language is a skil that is becoming highly demanded in the job market. And there is good reason for that. In today’s world, international connections and communications are a key factor in business success and goal achievement. These connections are made possible by sharing a common language, and English has become that common language. Therefore, English proficiency is indispensable for professionals of all areas who want to advance and succeed in their fields of expertise. 

The importance of English proficiency starts before professional life. It is also a great tool for developing your educational opportunities. People from non English-speaking countries are often in contact with the English language, especially in the Internet where it is the most used language of all, and it is also the one people pick to communicate with foreigners and share their thoughts or creations. Understanding English is necessary in order to be able to receive and make use of the abundant flow of information and contacts that are available in the Internet. Read More...

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English is useful for all stages of our lives, and all main activities in which we might want to get involved. For us, native English speakers, this is of course common sense; but we tend to underestimate how important our language is for ESOLs - English Speakers of Other Languages. They do have their own culture, their own knowledge and their own opportunities; but among all languages, it is English the one that opens most doors and expands the horizons more than any other one. In today’s world, English has become the universal language, and it allows people from different places to communicate, share ideas and thoughts, and build things together. With English, everyone can access information, education and more job opportunities, as well as have enriching experiences in contact with different cultures.

Those who come to an English-speaking country in the search for knowledge, progress or success - which aren’t a few - need to develop their proficiency in our language not only to be able to benefit from all education and opportunities available, but also to become integrated in their community. Read More...

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Building the future of Ireland

Since the very beginning of our history as an institution, we in Aston Guild have been active participants of the cultural and economical development of Ireland. We are convinced that any organization that works hard and commits itself to provide high level education, as well as contributes to research and development in its field, is acting as a pillar of the country. We understand that on our shoulders is the responsibility of carrying out our mission every day, doing our best to educate people from Ireland and the rest of the world, in order to help building a better tomorrow. We believe that education is the base of progress, and that opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities is the best way to contribute to the development of a country.

We want to educate our students and partner professionals so they can be better businesspeople. We aim to provide them with all tools they need to advance at their work and establish new relationships and partnerships that will potentiate their own businesses. We want to contribute to their professional education and development in their area of work. Read More...

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If you work in the education sector, or you are involved as a student, you will definitely find the resources of Aston University useful for you. This is a leading institution in the educational sector and it provides great resources and support in order to improve and develop educational activities in the United Kingdom. Read More...

Five English Schools in the UK and Ireland

Learning English in Ireland

English is the primary language spoken in the UK and Ireland. You will have to learn it if you plan on living in the country for a while. It would become absolutely necessary for you to have some level of command over the English language if you want to study in the UK universities. Thus, it is a good idea to get enrolled in one of the many English schools that are located in the UK and Ireland. You will find excellent courses for learning English there. These courses can help you in getting a basic idea of the English language and would go a long way in ensuring that you do not have any trouble in conversing with the local people in the local tongue. Moreover, for the students, these English courses would ensure that they can clear the initial exams or admission tests for getting entry into UK universities without encountering any difficulty whatsoever. 

Top 5 English Schools in the UK and Ireland

Ireland and England both have some top-notch English schools from where you can learn the English language in a simple and easy manner. The following are some of the best schools that provide excellent English courses to students and tourists alike for learning this amazing language.  Read More...


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