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Proficiency in the English language is a skil that is becoming highly demanded in the job market. And there is good reason for that. In today’s world, international connections and communications are a key factor in business success and goal achievement. These connections are made possible by sharing a common language, and English has become that common language. Therefore, English proficiency is indispensable for professionals of all areas who want to advance and succeed in their fields of expertise. 

The importance of English proficiency starts before professional life. It is also a great tool for developing your educational opportunities. People from non English-speaking countries are often in contact with the English language, especially in the Internet where it is the most used language of all, and it is also the one people pick to communicate with foreigners and share their thoughts or creations. Understanding English is necessary in order to be able to receive and make use of the abundant flow of information and contacts that are available in the Internet.

Students who want to engage in higher education also benefit a lot from being proficient in English. Studying abroad is made much more accessible, because many international classes are given in English. Also, understanding the British language is very useful for reading international research reports, papers and books that might not be available in people’s native tongue.

Proficiency in English makes both students and professionals far more competitive and capable to take advantage of all resources offered in the University and beyond. Many people take English courses in order to develop their skills, acquire fluency and better communicate with foreigners.

English courses and the University

Many students from varied countries choose to attend international courses or college exchanges in the United Kingdom or other English-speaking countries. It is very understandable that in order to do so they must acquire a minimum level of English proficiency. As a matter of fact, the situation is becoming more challenging in the British isles as English language requirements toughen for foreign students in the UK. This is in accordance with our current overall politics about immigration, so students who want to travel to the United Kingdom in order to access superior education or a special university course, must prove themselves proficient enough in the English language.

Immigrants who want to study a whole career in an English-speaking country and thus become qualified workers have a much harder time when their mother tongue isn’t English. A career is complex enough to be challenging in their own language, so in order to pass the exams and complete their studies, immigrant students must make an extra effort. Indeed, students with lower English levels are less likely to graduate in the US according to recent research.

For as challenging as it might be, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds. Learning English is a key aspect of educational and work success, and if you try hard enough you can count yourself among all the people who are lucky enough to find a way to study in the UK. If you do so, you will go through very enriching experiences, you’ll get in contact with a different culture and you will learn a lot. Studying abroad strenghtens your resume and makes you more interesting for job offers. If you study hard enough you can be a student in London in no time! Lots of people have made it before you and you can be next.

Year long intensive English courses

For those who have no time to lose, or at least with to lose no time at all, intensive English courses might be the perfect solution. They are meant to make students quickly and efficiently develop key English skills, and most are aimed to certain goals and optimized for that. There are courses for students, businesspeople and professionals.

Many students choose to take winter break or summer intensive courses, but in some cases this isn’t a good idea since shrinking year long English courses to winter break courses can be counterproductive. You either get a washed out version of the original course which is less effective, or the course is so intensive that you can’t grasp all your mentors want to teach you in such a short time. What is ideal is to take year long intensive courses. Aston is an excellent example of a perfectly balanced intense English course, with an immersion method that is great for learning quickly and effectively. You need to find balance between amount of content and time, and some formats of courses are better than others. We believe intensive immersion courses are perfect to develop your English skills and get you on the road to success in no time.


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