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Five English Schools in the UK and Ireland

Learning English in Ireland

English is the primary language spoken in the UK and Ireland. You will have to learn it if you plan on living in the country for a while. It would become absolutely necessary for you to have some level of command over the English language if you want to study in the UK universities. Thus, it is a good idea to get enrolled in one of the many English schools that are located in the UK and Ireland. You will find excellent courses for learning English there. These courses can help you in getting a basic idea of the English language and would go a long way in ensuring that you do not have any trouble in conversing with the local people in the local tongue. Moreover, for the students, these English courses would ensure that they can clear the initial exams or admission tests for getting entry into UK universities without encountering any difficulty whatsoever. 

Top 5 English Schools in the UK and Ireland

Ireland and England both have some top-notch English schools from where you can learn the English language in a simple and easy manner. The following are some of the best schools that provide excellent English courses to students and tourists alike for learning this amazing language. 

 Totally English Lessons

Students coming from Spain, Portugal or other European countries would find Totally English Lessons the best place to learn English. The Totnes school of English has some of the best teachers that help foreign students in getting the hang of the English language. The best thing about Totally English Lessons is that the courses have been designed in an interactive manner and the students are taught in a friendly way. It makes learning the English language a fun experience for them and they are able to learn it quickly. The School offers four different types of English to the students namely, Conversation, Writing, Reading and Role Playing.  

 Milner School of English

Milner School of English located in Wimbledon is another excellent school of English that has been providing English language courses to foreign students for a long period of time. They have helped students from Libya and other Northern African countries in getting their IELTS exams cleared. The milnerschool is known for their excellent staff of teachers that teach the students in a friendly manner. They have plenty of experience in this regard and know what the students need in order to clear their IELTS exams. All of the information regarding the Milner School of English’s courses program is available at their website.    

 Crests School

Crests School in Misugidai is another excellent English language school that offers quality English language courses to students from all nationalities. It has been offering quality one-on-one tutoring for many years. The teachers at crestschool are highly experienced and know how to teach English in an entertaining manner to the children as well as the adults. The Crests School is well-known for providing students courses that help them in clearing exams like TOEFL, IELTS and TEAP. Crests School offers free lessons as well in English for working people who can’t afford regular education and just want to learn a little English for conversational purposes at work.  

 Princes College

Princes College is an esteemed English teaching school that is located in the UK capital, London. It is a school accredited by the British Council which has been providing a high level of English language courses to students hailing from all over the world for a number of years. They have an excellent staff of native English speaking teachers at their disposal which are well-versed in the English language. The experience that the teachers at princescollege have of teaching the English language is compared to none and they can help students in learning the English language in a comprehensive manner.   

 Anglo European School

The Anglo European School is one of the best schools for learning English. It is located in Essex, England and has been providing English language courses to European and local students for a number of years. The main aim of this school is to bring together students from various nations and offer them a chance to find common grounds of learning. They feel that the English language can prove to be a means for fostering peaceful relationships among the people belonging to different parts of the world.  

Reasons for Enrolling in English Courses

There can be many reasons for you to enroll in an English course in England and Ireland. For instance, foreign students should do this in order to prepare for their admission tests in leading UK universities. Tourists, on the other hand, would find enrolling in an English course helpful in learning Basic English skills, so that they can enjoy their stay in England.   


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Five English Schools In The UK And Ireland

Five English Schools In The UK And Ireland


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