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Business English Courses

Building the future of Ireland

Since the very beginning of our history as an institution, we in Aston Guild have been active participants of the cultural and economical development of Ireland. We are convinced that any organization that works hard and commits itself to provide high level education, as well as contributes to research and development in its field, is acting as a pillar of the country. We understand that on our shoulders is the responsibility of carrying out our mission every day, doing our best to educate people from Ireland and the rest of the world, in order to help building a better tomorrow. We believe that education is the base of progress, and that opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities is the best way to contribute to the development of a country.

We want to educate our students and partner professionals so they can be better businesspeople. We aim to provide them with all tools they need to advance at their work and establish new relationships and partnerships that will potentiate their own businesses. We want to contribute to their professional education and development in their area of work.

Aston Guild's role in Irish Business

We work in improving our community's access and proficiency on the English language for all purposes, because we know how important, how crucial it is for today's success in any field, be it economical, educational or even recreational. In the world of businesses, English is the universal language that connects partners across physical distances and cultural frontiers. It allows companies and entrepreneurs to build strong networks and expand their activities across the globe. Creation will only happen after connection, and this language is the key to build great businesses and succeed at them.

Businesspeople need to be at their best in Ireland. Not only do they need to become more competitive in the international market, but also our country is just about to face potentially though challenges, especially if people vote possitive on Brexit. If this happen, Ireland will undergo changes and tests and our people will have to lead the way to a better tomorrow. Businesses in Ireland will be affected by Brexit only if our companies and our traders aren't ready to adjust. The traffic of goods between Ireland and England after Brexit could change drastically and we need brilliant minds and prepared company leaders.

Since the English language is fundamental for stable and fruitious international businesses, we at Aston Guild  train language teachers in order to prepare them for the demand to come. Irish students need to access quality language education since early school; however, in some parts of Ireland our students have showed a poor English level, which is concerning. In example, the infamous Campbell College is required to improve its students after a recently run inspection. This is just the tip of the iceberg that shows the need of increasing English skills among Irish students, as well as in international schools which welcome foreign students who come to the United Kingdom expecting to develop their English skills in its natural medium.

After becoming aware of this very important need, Aston Guild has decided to take action and create an educational program that will face these challenges by providing top quality English training for people who are involved - or planning to get involved - in businesses in Ireland.

Our Business English courses

Starting March 2016, Aston Guild provides Business English courses for Irish and international students. We have designed our programmes and class schedules so we can provide our students with useful and effective tools for engaging in global businesses and exchanging with partners, suppliers and clients. 

Our Business English courses are designed for professionals or advanced students. We offer normal courses, lasting 4 months, and intensive courses of only two weeks in the summer. With our courses, students will develop and perfect their English skills in their own field of expertise. Business English classes are taught by native English speakers from the United Kingdom, who are also professional businesspeople with plenty of experience. Students can benefit from the qualifications and experience of their teachers and maximise their learning.

Our methodology combines different approaches to create an integral learning experience for our students. Traditional classes and lectures are combined with realistic role-playing, where students will be required to put their skills to the test and develop real business situations and conversations in English. Our agenda includes all specific vocabulary needed for business, as well as grammar reinforcements and pronunciation training. 

We welcome students from all parts of the world to join our Business English courses. If you want to learn more about our offerings, or any other activity held by Aston Guild, please feel free to contact us.


What our customers are saying

I have had an amazing experience since joining the Aston Guild. Being here has opened amazing doors for me in the professional world. The programmes are truly beneficial and I benefitted a lot from the annual student conferences. Thank you AGHE!
Roger B. McCann


Aston Guild is unlike any institution in the world. I have learned important life skills that will definitely see me through difficult situations. I recommend Aston Guild to everyone looking for an exceptional learning experience.
James M. Radtke