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Aston Students Union Tel 0844 850 0168


Aston Students Union Telephone Number


You should contact the Aston Students Union if you want support and working materials for your career at college or intermediate to high education. The Aston Students Union works every day to provide students of all ages and areas with all they need to advance at their studies and become the best they can be, for their own future and the future of the country.


Aston Students Union is a part of a larger institution that gathers educators and teachers from very different fields and hosts educational events, including panels, conferences and paper presentations. You can telephone the Aston Students Union to find about these events and request admission. 



Call Aston Students Union for support in your studies, advice, and counselling on how to carry on with your activities and become a great professional one day.








Call charges may apply, when calling 0844 numbers please be advised that extra call charges apply more than normal local rates, of up to 7p per minute.




What our customers are saying

I have had an amazing experience since joining the Aston Guild. Being here has opened amazing doors for me in the professional world. The programmes are truly beneficial and I benefitted a lot from the annual student conferences. Thank you AGHE!
Roger B. McCann


Aston Guild is unlike any institution in the world. I have learned important life skills that will definitely see me through difficult situations. I recommend Aston Guild to everyone looking for an exceptional learning experience.
James M. Radtke