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Welcome to Aston Guild Higher Education


Aston Guild Higher Education is a company which is dedicated to improving lives of individuals through education. As a trail blazer in the education sector, we believe in partnering with faculty as well as other like minded institutions to improve the learning experience of our students while helping them to achieve their academic goals.


Our innovative learning solutions are aimed at addressing the biggest challenges in the higher education sector; work force preparedness, effective online learning, consistent institutional success, exceptional student achievement and creative thinking. All these are areas that we place emphasis on as we prepare our students for the challenges that lie ahead of them.


               Our Activities

At Aston Guild we take an all inclusive, hands-on approach to learning activities. Some of these activities include:


We publish books as well as papers from time to time not just to report research findings but also to contribute generally to the literary world. We believe our scholarly output can help improve the public’s understanding of our mission statement.


As an institution that prides itself in innovative solutions we have participated in numerous research projects funded by some of our several partners. We strongly believe that research is the key to finding sustainable solutions for the education sector and improving the standards of higher learning.

Consultancy Services 

As a learning institution we periodically undertake consultancy projects. Some of our recent projects have focused on fundamental themes including issues faced by educators in the higher education sector, international policy especially with regard to higher learning, part-time higher education and conceptual issues in the higher education industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to place our institution on the world map as a model learning centre for the UK measured by who we include in our professional team through research and assuming the responsibility of making the lives of our students holistic and beneficial.


Our Vision

We aspire to become a leader in our industry highly recognized for innovative learning approaches, quality and commitment to our cause.


Our Values


Central to the success of our institution so far are the following core values:


Student centred learning approach


Learning centred activities








Service to all


Our Events


We encourage our staff and students to engage in a number of healthy activities every academic year to promote team spirit and further instil the learning culture. Some of our activities include debates, seminars and annual conferences.



Your gateway to better life!

Academic Visitors


Aston Guild Higher Education opens its doors to all visitors not just within the UK but from all over the world. We encourage our visitors to attend our seminars and present their papers if they wish to. We believe in working tirelessly now to create the future we want for future generations. We believe in beneficial partnerships that will forge a path to success for all our students and this is why we pay close attention to how we impact the lives of every individual at our institution. 

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Welcome to Aston Guild Higher Education

Business English Courses

Business English Courses

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Intensive English Courses

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English As A Second Language

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Five English Schools In The UK And Ireland


Passion for Quality Education

We are here to serve you.

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